It’s no wonder that on any given day, dozens of community members invest their talent and their time at The Mount Community Centre. Our more than 200 volunteers are the lifeblood of the organization, and they contribute to everything from the construction crews to the committees. Volunteers from every corner of our city and county have come together to support this once-in-a-lifetime project because, quite simply, it has impact and influence — it will improve quality of life.

The Board has ambitious plans to fully repurpose the facility by 2020 and this will include working together to transform a century-old, 10-acre property in the west end of Peterborough. Developing on site — through preservation, restoration and renovation — is the infrastructure to support a community centre that changes lives by creating opportunity and addressing community needs.

Once complete, The Mount Community Centre’s significance will be greater than the sum of its parts and will build on the legacy of this one-of-a kind space as well as begin a new chapter with increased access to affordable housing, food, and community services. On behalf of the Board, I invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we embark upon our $4 million Building Opportunity Campaign. This important fundraising initiative will realize the dream of a fully functional property as a catalyst to addressing key needs in our community.

– Stephen Kylie, Board Chair